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World Finds brings you Ethically-sourced, style-driven jewelry & accessories, empowering women through fair trade.

Who made the product, and how did they benefit? or Where is the product from and what makes it special?

Before Kanchan joined a fair trade group she and her husband lived on a meager income of 3500 Rupees (the equivalent of 54 dollars), which her husband made by tailoring garments in a export house.

When Kanchan joined Toucan Krafte in 2003, she was very small and shy. Once Kanchan started to generate a regular income for the household she felt more independent and gained confidence. Her employment with the group came at great time for her family, as she had her first child two years later.

She could work in the comfort of her own home and take care of her health, and this was incredibly important as she had a complicated pregnancy. With the flexibility and support offered through her artisan group, she gave birth to a healthy son and was able to spend time at home with her newborn while still supporting her family.

As time has passed, Kanchan has blossomed into an important part of the group. Due to her hard work, she saved enough money to contribute to her family’s purchase of a two room home in their village. She is very happy to not have to pay a landlord anymore. Kanchan is now very adept at many forms of jewelry making, and trains other women artisans. She has become an amazing leader in the group. Kanchan welcomed the birth of her second son in 2013.

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