Fairgrass strives to sell fair trade items and educate the public about the value of fair trade.

Our fair trade South African baskets are made by Zulu basket makers. The Zulu men used to work in phone company warehouses, mostly as night watchmen, and mostly far away from home.


When they were standing guard they would pick up pieces of scrap cable and use the wire to weave decorations around their nightsticks. Someone saw their intricate work and helped them to create a fair trade basket making business, which allowed them to go back to their villages to support their families at home. When the price of copper went up they looked for, and found, a South African wire making factory which now custom makes the wire they use with an alloy that doesn’t use nearly as much copper. And, the factory is run on fair trade principles! Not only can they support their own families but have helped create more jobs for others!


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