Misti Alpaca Yarns

Calicampo was created for the sole purpose of developing special products with safe and sustainable processes, which exceed the beauty and quality of any other product on the market, using fair trade practices.

We are professionals, artisans, fiber enthusiasts, mothers, fathers, knitters, and community members who take great pride in our work. Since 2009 we have achieved the Peruvian Trade Association’s highest award for “5-S Continuous Improvement”. Calicampo specializes in Hand Dyeing yarns and garments using only organic and natural dyes extracted from vegetable and mineral sources. Misti International distributes our yarns and garments Internationally .

We hand-paint natural fibers and offer custom colorway development using the safest possible dyes and sustainable processes to exceed the beauty and quality of any other fiber on the market.

As we are located in a desert climate, we are very careful about how much water we use and try to minimize our impact on the environment, recycle everything possible, use very little electricity, and take full advantage of the abundant supply of solar power. Most of our machinery is bicycle powered.

Calicampo is a Fair Trade Certified Peruvian company. We worked diligently for three years participating in a Peruvian government sponsored international program and achieved certification and recognition for outstanding accomplishments.

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