Pebble- Kahiniwalla

Pebble aims to provide employment to women in Bangladesh which fits in with the rhythm of rural life, stems the tide of economic migration to the cities and keeps families together.

Shopna lives in southern Bangladesh. Her husband is a fisherman and she used to dream of being able to provide her children (a 10 and a 3 yr old) with a quality education and to help other women in her village be able to earn money.

As in many fishing villages throughout Bangladesh, fishermen’s incomes are seasonal especially when the government and other organizations need to moderate the fishing so the rivers are not depleted. Pebble was able to fill a need in this community when they hired Shopna as a trainer for a group of women making crochet and knit toys.

Pebble partnered with ECOFISH to create employment opportunities for these fishermen’s wives. For most of them this is the first employment that they have ever had.

Most of them are investing their earnings in their children’s education and their income is essential when the fishing season slows down. Shopna’s dream is becoming a reality…which is neat because her name means “Dream”.

Pebble is working with over 12,000 women in over 120 villages throughout rural Bangladesh. The circumstances change from village to village but the positive impact being made in communities remains the same.

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