Sandpiper Imports


Our goal is to offer a unique & classic collection of .925 sterling silver jewelry that reflects the traditional craftsmanship and rich creativity of Balinese artisans while fully supporting fair trade principles.


Nyoman is the founder of the silversmith group that designs and handcrafts all of the Sandpiper Imports jewelry collection. Nyoman was a child laborer who began working in a silver shop at the age of 6 to earn money for books so he could go to school.

He worked long hours for little pay, with a boss who was both verbally and physically abusive. Eight years ago, with the help of a loan from a former customer of the shop, Nyoman was able to start his very own silver company.

Nyoman follows the principles of fair trade, such as paying his artisans well, ensuring that all of their children go to school, employing women, and developing a working environment that is respectful, safe, and cooperative. His business has grown, and he now employs 12 artisans full-time and sends contract work to 20 others. With the success of his business Nyoman has broken the cycle of economic oppression his family has been in for generations.

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