Susu Accessories

Susu Accessories strives to bring the beautiful Wayuu handmade art to the forefront of high fashion.


Susu Accessories is an exclusive brand that works with indigenous women from the Colombian Wayúu tribe. The Wayúu are known for their ancient weaving and knitting techniques which they use to create unique beautiful patterns that are full of vibrant colors and meaning that reflect what they see in nature.


Our sustainable and Fair Trade fashion philosophy has shown us that it is possible to produce and promote a product made by these incredible indigenous communities that compete with any high-end designer currently in the fashion market. SUSU bags are unique, handmade, exclusive elaborations of authentic ancestral Wayúu knitting techniques of the highest quality. The final product is the union of avant-garde design and Wayúu tradition; two languages, intertwined to produce bags endowed with genuine soul and terroir.

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