CAMPO Alpaca is changing the world, one stitch at a time.

Our beanies and headbands are made in two small villages outside of Arequipa by women, mostly single mothers who are striving to make their own income to support their children and create a different future for their families. They call themselves the Chaska Collective. The group is organized by an Arequipenian woman with a vision to create safe spaces and communities for these women to work together and help each other. Hearing their stories – most involved abuse, neglect, and in some cases homelessness. It is absolutely amazing to me to see their resilience and strength. After so many difficult situations and horrible events, to be so kind, welcoming, and helpful in their community is truly inspiring. With this type of work, these women can earn money on their own terms and own time. They meet as a group once per week to learn the new patterns, get paid, and catch up with each other. Then they can knit anywhere they like, which makes it possible for them to care for their children. CAMPO is proud to work with the Chaska Collective!