Tulia’s mission is to show that art is Colombia’s other export by showcasing unique, high quality crafts made by indigenous or internally displaced peoples.

The Wounaan collection of baskets and jewelry are at the heart of Tulia’s Artisan gallery – it’s even part of our logo. Their basket weaving is considered the best in the world. The Wounaan use silky palm leaf threads to sew and weave home decor art vases, plates, and wearable woven art. Miniature coil baskets encased in sterling silver can be worn as earrings, pendants, or bracelets. The Wounaan live in remote villages in the Pacific coast of Colombia. However, many have had to flee ongoing violence from the drug trade and seek refuge in Bogota or other large cities. A portion of each sale is given back to the Wounaan for medical supplies needed in their villages or for building workshop space in Bogota.