Sustaining indigenous Turkish arts such as meerschaum carving through fair trade business practices.

Sinan was only 13 years old when he cross paths with Eyup Sabri Yegul, the famous meerschaum pipe artist. He started going to Eyup’s atelier during summer months to read mythology books. Sinan’s curiosity turned into apprenticeship. For many years, Sinan learned to carve meerschaum during summer breaks. He focused his attention to making boxes, eggs, thimbles and pipes – the better known meerschaum product. Sinan’s atelier trained two carvers that produced many items that are unique over the years. Economic hardship forced them both keep other jobs to make ends meet. These folks do this work out of love and each piece is a testimony of that love. Sinan’s atelier today continues to develop new ideas and create new work.