What are the key deadlines I need to be aware of?

Application Deadline – Check Back in August 2020

Vendor Approval or Denial – Check Back in August 2020

Vendor Payment, Temporary Seller Permit and Hold Harmless Waiver due – Check Back in August 2020

Fair Trade Holiday Festival – Check Back in August 2020

Load in – 6am-8am

Festival open – 8am-3pm

Load out – 3pm-5pm

Load in will begin at 6am. The festival is open from 8am to 3pm. No early loading out of vendor booths. All vendors and materials must be off premises by 5pm. No exceptions.

Where is the application?

Check Back in August 2020

What is the fee per table?

$100.00 for one table. $200.00 for two tables.  NOTE: If your payment is late, you will be put on the bottom of the waiting list and we will offer your booth to the vendor on the top of the waiting list.

Can I choose the placement of my table?

No, unfortunately we cannot accommodate table placement preferences at this time.

Why is the fee higher this year?

The Fair Trade Holiday Festival has been organized by dedicated volunteers for the past two decades. With expansion and increased competition with other holiday craft fairs, the committee has created a paid position, the soul focus of which would be organizing the Fair Trade Holiday Festival. The increase in fees currently go towards a fund to make this position available this year and in future years. The position has been filled.

Why is FTHF starting earlier in the day this year?

Festival attendance is higher in the morning, in part because of the adjacent Farmer’s Market. Vendors reported higher sales in the morning, whereas the slowest hour of the festival tends the last hour, so we decided to change that this year to capture early farmers market shoppers that are next door.

Where can I find a temporary seller permit?

Temporary Seller Permit

Where can I find a Hold Harmless Waiver for Food Samples?

The Hold Harmless Waiver will be an attached document in your acceptance letter.

Will there be a Vendor meetup before the Festival this year?

No, there will not be a meetup this year. With the earlier start time for the festival we all need to get some rest before the big day.

Can I get postcards or posters to distribute?

By Mid October we will have pdfs available for you to download and print. They will be available in 4×6”, 8.5×11”, and 11×17”. These will be available on the website. www.fairtrademadison.org

Can I pay online for my table?

Yes, a PayPal link  will be sent to you in your acceptance letter.

Can I pay by check for my table?

Yes, make check payable to Center for Community Stewardship (C4CS) and mail to-
Fair Trade Holiday Festival

℅ Just Coffee Co-op

3701 Orin Road

Madison, WI 53713

Monona Terrace Questions

Can I have electricity for my booth?

Yes! For $50 you can have electric at your booth, please let us know by October 15th if you want electric.

Why can’t I have a third table?

This festival has the wonderful problem of being too popular! With so many amazing vendors we need to create space, so we have eliminated the third table option for anyone who isn’t a sponsor.

Will there be carts available for load-in and load-out?

While Monona Terrace does provide a limited number of carts to move your product and display, it is recommended to bring your own cart/moving equipment to make load-in/out more efficient.

Can I sell food?

Yes, you can sample and sell packaged food such as coffee, nuts, chocolates. You can not sell prepared food or beverages (brewed coffee). You must fill out a Hold Harmless Waiver if you plan to sample food. Please see above.

Is there food available for lunch?

This year we plan to have a lunch option available for vendors to purchase. We will send out information about this closer to the event date.

How big are the tables?

Your table(s) are 8’x 30″ and they are bare. Plan to bring table covers.

How are tables orientated?

Plan to put goods on your table and stand behind it. You may not move the tables from where they were placed in the morning. You may not set up racks or shelves in front of your table. There is no extra space in aisles or behind the tables for customers to shop. There has been debate over table placement options in years past, and we are taking a firm stance on this, this year. We will request you to move your goods if they obstruct (either visually or physically) another vendor. You can not allow patrons behind your table.

Can I use clothing racks?

Your only option for using clothing racks is if you choose to remove your table(s) . Please let us know if you would like your table removed, and we will have that done before you get to Monona Terrace.

Can I use large displays?

Do not bring tall displays that block visibility of your neighbor, We will request you remove anything taller than 7 feet or if it obstructs customers from shopping at another vendor’s booth. If you do not comply with our request, we will ask you to leave and will not be accepted back to the festival in the future.

Do not bring additional furniture or tables. Monona Terrace provides chairs for your use.

Do not hang anything from walls or drapes. You will be asked to remove anything hanging on walls.

We are all here to support each other and promote fair trade. Be respectful and mindful with how you setup and how it might affect your neighboring vendor. There will be committee members walking the festival to ensure all vendors are getting fair representation.

What items can I sell?

You may only sell fair trade items at this festival. Our promise to shoppers is that all products are fair trade. Committee members will be making note of any products that don’t match our standards and possibly request further information, proof of sale, or documents about the products after the festival. Vendors with incomplete or information deemed questionable will not be accepted back into the festival in future years.

What are the parking details?

Monona Terrace features a State-owned and managed 600-space, automated parking structure available 24/7 and is accessible via West Wilson Street and the eastbound lanes of John Nolen Drive. Acceptable forms of payment for the automated ramp include Master Card, Visa or cash (no coin). It costs $5 to park all day.  If you take your car out of the parking structure and re-enter, you will have to pay the $5 again. There is no parking for trailers in the Monona Terrace garage and clearance is 8’2″. Any vehicles larger than that will need to make other parking arrangements.

Is there internet access at Monona Terrace?

Internet access is free for slow (28k). There is a high speed option (768k) that you pay Monona Terrace $10/day. To pay for the high speed option, enter your credit card information directly onto the web site when you are in the building (like in an airport or hotel). This is run by Monona Terrace, so please contact them with questions.

Does Monona Terrace want me to know anything else?

Here are miscellaneous list of rules from the Monona Terrace: Helium balloons may not be distributed to individuals. They can be used as part of a display if they are anchored and not given out to individuals after the event. No glitter or confetti. Nothing may be affixed to the floor or walls. Candles must be placed in containers whose sides are taller than the flame of the candle. No incense burning. No stickers or adhesives can be distributed to individuals or be affixed to the floor or walls.

How long do I have to load out?

Please move all of your items out by 6pm. The event ends at 4pm. You will load out through the same doors that you load in, East Loading Dock. At the end of the festival large Trash and Recycling containers are available for you. Please double check your area for your belongings before leaving for the night. We are not responsible for any items that are left behind. If you do lose something, please contact Monona Terrace directly.

Downloadable Marketing Materials