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We model our guidelines after the Fair Trade Federation, and you can read about their Fair Trade Principles, which have served as the basis for our vendor applications.

We focus on importers of international fair trade items from other countries. We are not adding new sellers of domestic goods. If you are a local crafter, check out other events like Madison CraftacularHolidayFest or Holiday Craft Gifts.

We expect more from our vendors than importing products at a fair price. We would like our vendors to be full participants in the fair trade movement, for the long haul, and to make a commitment to their producers to help them develop their fair trade products in a sustainable manner.

We have non-profit vendors and for-profit fair trade businesses. We want to support the development of international  fair trade as an alternative business model and so we seek a balance between having both types of vendors. In fact, we would love to prioritize adding more for-profit businesses that operate in a sustainable way for producers and business owners.

To inquire about becoming a vendor, please read the Fair Trade Federation principles, and then email fthfmadison “at”

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